Our Story

Duke is the sobriquet given to Richard Williamson by his friends back in university. ‘Duke’ was the guy who wanted every moment to be just right – famously adding dishware to his buddies’ late-night pizza sessions, or going to college lectures
wearing a tweed sports jacket.

Duke is also the founder of McKay Williamson, the art gallery

in London. In his insatiable desire to make everything ‘just right’, he

has re-invented the way we look at the humble photo collection.

Many interior designers avoid them - both for aesthetic reasons,

and also because many photos just aren’t strong

enough to be publicly displayed.

Duke realised that with creativity and photoshop the photos could be improved, and that with good design, the images could become a focal point – raising the bar creatively so the images would deserve to sit beside the illustrious artists he represents.

HealyPiece-6 edit.jpg
Gallery Wall 1.jpg
41739_Griffith_Close Up 1 edit.jpg